Name: Cathy Lady
Title/Position:  Bookstore Manager
Length of time w/CSL:  1991 to 1995, member here. 1995 to 2012 traveled, visiting many Centers throughout the US. 2012 to present: member here.
Background:  Choosing to volunteer in the bookstore was natural. My work life has been spent mainly in sales oriented fields. I still work part time at tradeshows.
About me:  A military kid, we traveled; and travel has never left my soul.This is my second stop in Las Cruces. The first time around was when I discovered Science of Mind and The Mastery of Life Center. This philosophy will always be my home.  My goal for the bookstore, besides creating a “go to” place for all things metaphysical, is to carry product from around the world that is not often seen in Las Cruces.I will always strive to buy right and offer reasonable prices. “Fair Trade” and “Made in USA” are a focus and will be flagged as such.


Name:  Katherine Conway – Events Coordinator, Facebook, Newsletter, Webpage

Name:  Randy Brown – Videographer, Percussionist on Sundays

Name:  Kathleen Wolf – Administrative Assistant/Visitor Packets/Prayer Cards

Name:  Jennifer Kleitz – Volunteer Coordinator